The YouBike™ is the world’s first cardiovascular exercise bike specifically designed for wheelchair users.

YouBike – Your Adaptive Fitness Equipment

YouBike™ is the perfect portable disabled exercise equipment, the bike can be used by professional physical therapists or it can be used at home. This wheelchair accessible exercise bike can be used for people with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. It’s also ideal for recovering Stroke patients, people with spinal injuries, the elderly and the overweight.

This disabled sports equipment is compact and easy to assemble, this innovative piece of equipment for the disabled is ergonomically designed for seated users, allowing simultaneous upper and lower body exercise. The YouBike™ is the perfect wheelchair accessible exercise equipment and can be used from a wheelchair or the bed, making it accessible for people with a variety of impairments and disabilities.

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